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Quick History Lesson

We've been a company for about 6 years now. Having survived (actually flourished) in the dot-com boom we have been growing and growing ever since. Now we have 9 employees and some 7 products through two product lines ( and CyclingPeaks Software).

People are always wondering how we got the name.

Basically, the company started as, on the notion of taking Joe Friel's best selling book philosophy to the web. We launched in October of 2000 after a year of development and testing. We started gaining traction and in summer of 2004 we joined forces with CyclingPeaks Software, combining the two entities. Since the name TrainingBible was synonymous with Joe Friel, we thought it a good idea to merge the two names of TrainingBible and CyclingPeaks to form TrainingPeaks. That way, Joe could grow his own coaching through, we could focus on delivering software for all coaches and athletes, and Cyclingpeaks would continue to grow in the emerging world of training with power.

I hope that explains how we came to be with our current company status and structure, if not, drop us a line with questions. Cheers.

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