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5 Reasons Why You Should ‘CROSS

The US cyclocross scene has blossomed over the recent seasons and the 2011-2012 season is stacked with great events that are sure to inspire, motivate and entertain. So the question is, will you ‘Cross?

Top 5 reasons to try out cyclocross this season:

  1. IT’S FUN! It is that simple folks! The exciting atmosphere is palpable when you arrive at a race venue. Spectators receive a front-row view of all the action on intricately designed courses that whip the racers around in under 5 minutes. Costumes are not frowned upon nor are cowbells or mud pits. Athletes carry ear-to-ear grins as they race past their cheering squads trying to hand them up dollar bills. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday with friends and like-minded people!
  2. Quality INTENSITY in a short amount of time! Let’s face it - it’s hard to clock interval training hours in the fall. Nobody wants to be staring at their Garmin on a solo climbing interval watching the seconds tick by. With cyclocross, your intensity is built in for you and within an hour your heart rate has been sky-high and you might just have hit a power meter high score. The short duration of the race allows you to still focus your weekly training on base fitness building. Competing in a cross race can be a fresh way of training as you start working on your base fitness.
  3. EVERYONE can race cyclocross! The race schedules at cyclocross events leave no rider without a race! From juniors, to single speed ladies, to elite men and women, there is a place for everyone!
  4. Easy to TRANSITION from racing a road or mountain bike season. Many local cyclists are just finishing up their respective season of racing. These athletes still have a high level of fitness and base which can easily be put to good use in a cyclocross race. For those who started their season late or want to get more out of the good form they worked so hard to earn, cyclocross is a great way to satiate that need!
  5. Perfect event for a NEW RACER. Many of the events hold a short “training” clinic prior to the race so that new competitors receive inside tips to better success. Cylocross races are under an hour long which makes them much less daunting than a 60 mile road race or 3 hour mountain bike ride. Just long enough to give you a taste of the fun and not burn you out.

As a coach, cyclocross is a great way to my keep athletes motivated and engaged in the training process while working towards season goals.



Joy received a B.S. in Physical Education and Commercial Fitness from Pacific Union College and during the summer of 2010, she completed both the USAC Coaching certification and the ACE Personal Training certification in order to pursue her dream of coaching athletes of all levels.  Joy is also an avid cyclist. The 2010 season brought Joy into her 3rd season racing as Professional mountain bike racer. She also made the segway into road cycling, racing the majority of the season on skinny tires as a cat 2.  She also races cyclocross from time to time and would love to hit up a pump track in the near future.  You can learn more about Joy and her company on the Big Wheel Coaching website.


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Reader Comments (1)

So true!
Thanks for this motivating article. I can't even wait for the cyclocross season to beginn!
Keep up the good work - I am looking forward to further posts on this great sport!
Greets from Germany.

September 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlexa

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