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TrainingPeaks Debuts 2012 Athlete Ambassador Program

TrainingPeaks has officially launched its 2012 Athlete Ambassador Program, the first of its kind for us. As part of the program, we've selected 16 exceptional athletes who will wear TrainingPeaks racing gear at their events, promote the brand, provide user feedback on beta features, and share their training and racing files with the public at 

The Ambassadors were selected out of an applicant pool of over 400 athletes, based upon their athletic achievements, knowledge of and enthusiasm for the TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition product, and willingness to share their 2012 season experiences with their social networks and the general public. The Ambassador team consists of the following international group of athletes:

TrainingPeaks CEO Gear Fisher said of the new program, "Our tools help people achieve their athletic goals - in many cases, some of the most notable achievements of their lives. By the nature of the product and endurance sports in general, we’ve found that our customers really are our biggest spokespeople. We wanted to do something to recognize our users who were already talking about TrainingPeaks to their friends and family, and to put a face on who the TrainingPeaks athlete is. We couldn’t be more excited about our first Ambassador team and to tell the story of these extraordinary and yet relatable athletes.”

Each TrainingPeaks ambassador has committed to participating in at least five events in 2012 wearing TrainingPeaks kits, and to provide a race report for each event along with a racing file for public viewing and analysis. To see upcoming races, past race highlights, social media contacts, and ambassador biographies, visit

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