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Q&A with Hal Higdon

Each week, coach and author, Hal Higdon answers your questions about running. Here's the latest:


How to export a single workout from Garmin Training Center

The very latest version of Garmin's Training Center released Nov 7, 2007, now supports the ability to export a single workout as a .tcx file. Since Training Center is used with all Garmin fitness devices, it means that anything you can download into Training Center can be uploaded to Note that we are also working on a bulk upload utility too. WKO+ already supports the bulk import of your entire History file, but getting those files to TrainingPeaks took another step. The latest version of Training Center is here garminsinglefileexpot.png The lack of this feature has always made it difficult to upload data to without using our Device Agent or WKO+ software. Now, you can easily upload workouts by simply downloading your device into Training Center, using the Export feature as shown above, then, upload that file through the Daily Log. The Daily Log upload process is described here. This has been a long time coming, thanks Garmin!

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Support Ending for Cyclingpeaks 1.x and Ergoracer 1.5

We will be discontinuing support for the 1.x family of Cyclingpeaks and Ergoracer as of December 1st, 2007. The 1.x product line has been discontinued since May 2005. While the software will continue to work, no further key-resets or customer support will be provided. 1.x users are eligible for a half-price upgrade to the latest version of WKO+ 2.1. Users can upgrade here.

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Training Device Compatibility List Keeps Growing

We are now compatible with iBike .csv files and single workout .hst and .tcx (Garmin) files. While we're on the subject... We have spent years improving our systems to make it easier and easier to upload data from the latest workout devices. Just last week, we improved the back-end processing systems again, and in doing so realized that we now support 21 file formats, from 11 different Device Manufacturers. The first device output file we supported was from the PowerTap, in 2001. Since then, we have worked to add more and more devices to our supported device list. Here's a full summary of our supported device file formats: fileformats.png We currently see thousands of files uploaded every day, with well over a million files total. When we first added this feature to the site, it was a novelty. People often asked us, why? As uploadable devices are getting more and more common, we're sure there will be more and more devices and we'll keep updating our compatibility list to stay current with the latest technology. The File Viewer has made uploading even better, with fully interactive maps and graphs. Click below to see what I mean: gpsmap-ss1_small.gif Remember, you can also directly upload via the free Device Agent too.

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November Newsletter Posted

novnews.pngThe latest copy of Reaching Your Peak has been published. Dirk Friel has a great article about his 5 best tips on getting the most out of your subscription. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comments section here on the Blog. We moderate the comments and look for new ones everyday. Thanks for reading!

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Webinar: The Performance Manager, Nov 14 & 28

Summary: The Performance Manager: What it means, the scientific inspiration behind it, how to use it, case studies with elite, masters, track and category athletes, and of course... how to plan for a peak. November 14th and 28th, 2007. Sign up now!

Andy Coggan This is a two part Webinar featuring both Hunter Allen and Dr. Andrew R. Coggan, Ph.D. The first part will be on November 14th, 2007 at 7pm Eastern time, and will feature, Dr. Andrew R. Coggan, co-author of the book, "Training and Racing with a Powermeter", author of over 100 published, peer-reviewed papers and creator of the Performance Manager Chart. The webinar will last for 1.5 hours, with the presentation approximately one hour and then a 30 minute question and answer session. Hunter AllenThe second part of the webinar will be on November 28th, 2007 at 7pm eastern time, and will feature Hunter Allen, co-author of the book, "Training and Racing with a Power Meter", Founder of the Peaks Coaching Group and President of the WKO+ division of Peaksware software. This webinar will also last 1.5 hours, with the last 30 minutes open for questions. The cost for both webinars is $149, or you may purchase them separately for $99. Sorry, we have a strict no-refund policy, if you end up not being able to attend, we can only apply a credit to your account for the next webinar. Don't delay Sign up now! Part 1, November 14th, 2007: The Scientific Inspiration For The Performance Manager Concept Dr. Coggan will discuss these topics:
  • The theory and mathematics behind Banister's impulse-response model
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the impulse-response model
  • The development of the Performance Manager concept
  • Similarities and differences between the Performance Manager and the impulse-response model
  • The art of applying the Performance Manager, including important caveats and limitations
Part 2, November 28th, 2007: The Practical Application of The Performance Manager Chart and How To Use It Effectively Hunter Allen will discuss:
  • How to set up your Performance Manager Chart to optimize your analysis.
  • How to make sure your Performance Manager Chart is telling you what you need to know.
  • Interpreting the Performance Manager Chart and reviewing the accompanying/supporting data.
  • Case Study on Master's National Champion, Fast touring Cyclist, and an Elite Pro Triathlete
  • Sneak Peek into Running TSS and how to use the Performance Manager for Running.
Sign up now! You will be emailed instructions on how to join the webinar the day OF the webinar, so be sure to check your email the day of the webinar. We will be using and you will want to log on about 5-10minutes before the start of the webinar. An internet connection and separate phone are required to participate in this webinar. For questions, please email This webinar is sponsored by Peaksware, makers of and WKO+ software

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