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Q&A with Hal Higdon

Each week, coach and author, Hal Higdon answers your questions about running. Here's the latest:

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Seasonal nutrition for triathletes, by Ben Greenfield

bengreenfieldWhen addressing nutrition, periodization refers to dividing your yearly nutritional plan into several distinct segments that apply to daily, weekly, or monthly cycles of training. While there are many different ways to put together your annual training plan, the basic idea behind nutrition periodization is that your dietary habits should match your training habits.

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Changing Season and Sports: Resting Metabolic Rate and Activity Level


With fall upon us and the long days of summer waning, the amount of time to train will change for most of us. This means less time on the bike with possible indoor activities that may not use the same amount of energy. A reduction in energy expenditure per day can happen due to the weather dictating more of our mode of exercise. So, have you thought about the change your eating needs to go through as well?

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Maximize your ability to burn fat as fuel, by Hunter Allen

image Question: I keep reading about how zone 2 training is crucial in base building, but after reading Power Training Levels by Andrew Coggan, and seeing how much more beneficial Zone 3 is to Zone 2, I am wondering if I am wasting valuable training time. My goal is to maximize my body’s ability to burn fat as a primary fuel, so my question is: Would it be more beneficial to train primarily in Zone 3 as opposed to my current plan of training primarily (70% of time) in Zone 2?

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Calories In vs. Calories Out? Not so Fast!

image One of the most common questions I receive in my business is, “Rick, I do not eat very much and I workout 5-7 days per week; why can I not lose weight?” After an extensive case history and an in depth nutritional analysis, the answer becomes quite clear.

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Ask the Experts: Dr. Rick Kattouf on caloric needs for athletes

imageNutrition planning can be challenging for the athlete to do for himself/herself. The first thing I recommend is getting your body fat%. This will be important in determining one's caloric needs. Body fat scales are an easy and accurate way to measure this.

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