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Q&A with Hal Higdon

Each week, coach and author, Hal Higdon answers your questions about running. Here's the latest:

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The One-Rule Diet

Many nutrition and weight-loss experts have noted that one reason most diets fail is that they are difficult to sustain over long periods of time. They either require the dieter to adhere to restrictive rules or they are too complex, or both. Could there be an effective diet for health and weight management that is based on just one simple rule and doesn’t take inhuman levels of restraint to execute?

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Keeping up with the Small Stuff

In the beginning of the season, much like a new year, many of us start off with high resolve, doing everything right and by the book. We benefit immensely from this, improve our performance drastically as a result, and feel good both inside and out about our efforts. As the season wanes and we reach a higher level of performance, it becomes easy to start to slack off on the little things that helped get us here in the first place.

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Navigating the Holiday Nutrition Season

image With the holiday season hitting hard, there are numerous social engagements that are on the schedule and with these, as well as family gatherings, often comes some nutrition slip-ups. It is normal during these times, but I try to help athletes minimize the effects so the guilt factor doesn't get so high that it continues to bite them through the new year.

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Ask the Experts: Rick Kattouf on cramps during triathlons

Question: I just completed my first Half Ironman race. Weather was great though a bit windy, and I hit all my nutrition plan. The race was going perfect, my pacing was exactly as planned for the swim, the bike and all the way until mile 8 on the run. However, as I passed the 8 mile marker, I started feeling small cramps, on my calves and inner thighs. I tried to slow down a bit to make them go away, but by mile 9 they hit me hard and I had to stop, stretch and wait until they stopped. Question is, why do cramps happen and how can I prevent them? During training I never suffered from any cramps. Even though I'm really happy with the race, I am signed up for another Half Ironman in April and would like to run it cramp free. Thanks a lot for your help and input.

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New study discovers genetic tendency to overeat

image"People who carry a gene variant linked to obesity eat an average of 100 extra calories per meal, research suggests."An article recently published on BBC World News entitled 'Gene triggers unhealthy eating' focuses on a new study completed by the New England Journal of Medicine, which suggests that overeating may be genetically related.

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