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Q&A with Hal Higdon

Each week, coach and author, Hal Higdon answers your questions about running. Here's the latest:

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Year-Round Strength Training for Triathletes, Part 1: The Off-Season

A year-round strength training program is a key component to becoming a well-rounded, injury-free and successful triathlete. The best way to organize a year-round strength training protocol is to break it up into phases, similar to how you break up your triathlon training according to periodization.

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Year-Round Strength Training for Cyclists

A yearly strength and conditioning program for a cyclist is an essential aspect of training for every level of rider from beginner to elite. Phase 1 starts after the transition from racing season - so here's how to get on the program now.

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How To Attain Your Target Body Fat Percentage

We all choose to train, workout or exercise for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons individuals choose to lead a healthy lifestyle are to change their body composition, get leaner, lose weight, look better and perform better.

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6 Components to a Successful Training Plan

A training program is more than just an accumulation of volume or training miles. To create a successful program one must incorporate many complicated components, all of which must be combined in the right way in order for an athlete to be successful. In addition to training, an athlete’s work and personal life need to be factored in for long-term success.

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Video: Exercise Warmups for Triathletes

Triathletes demand a lot from their bodies, and not just during racing but while training too. A dynamic warmup not only stretches muscles, but also increases heartrate, and loosens joints.

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