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Q&A with Hal Higdon

Each week, coach and author, Hal Higdon answers your questions about running. Here's the latest:


Update Chrome to Resolve Shifting or Disappearing Workouts

Over the past several weeks many of our customers have noticed workouts have shifted, disappeared or duplicated when editing calendars. We initially diagnosed this to be a Flash bug and some were able to solve this problem by following the steps here:

Unfortunately, we started to see this problem recur for those using Google Chrome and eventually upon further digging, discovered that this was due to a bug that Google had introduced with a recent update to Chrome. We started trying to write internal code to address this. In the meantime, users were forced to use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. 

Great news: Google has just pushed an update to Chrome that resolves this issue. This is not an automatic update, however, so you'll need to update manually. The following screenshot shows how to do this:

Step 1: From within Chrome, click the "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon

Step 2: Click "About Google Chrome"

Step 3: Google Chrome will run an update. Relaunch Chrome after update

We thank everyone for their patience with this issue and are glad it's been resolved. If you have any further questions or are still having problems, please contact us.


Top 5 TrainingPeaks FAQs from Coached Athletes

Here are the top five Frequently Asked Questions we get from coached athletes on how to use TrainingPeaks. If you’re an athlete, take a look and see if we can help you better get your data to your coach and get feedback on your training. If you’re a coach, share these tips with your athletes to help ensure that they can get their comments and workout files to you more frequently - so that you can deliver your training advice quicker!

1) Why aren't I getting my daily workout emails from my coach?

2) Why am I getting an error when I try to use Device Agent?

3) Why did Device Agent just stop downloading data from my device?

4) When I log in, why do I only see a blue screen or only portions of my account are visible?

5) I have more than one coach. How can both my coaches access my account?

More questions that weren’t answered above? Submit a support ticket and we’d be happy to walk through your issue with you.


I have more than 1 coach. How can both of my coaches access my account? Can I have more than 1 coach on my account?

Yes, you can share your account with multiple coaches. However, you can only have one Current Coach, any additional coaches will be “Shared Coaches”.
For example, if you are a triathlete and you have a Current Coach that generally writes your training programs but also work with a cycling specific coach, you may want your cycling coach to be able to access your cycling data. So, in this case you would add the cycling coach as a “Shared Coach”.

Add a Shared Coach: 
To add or share your account with another coach please follow the steps below.
1. Within the "Social and Sharing" tab under "Account Settings" click on the "Linked Coaches/Trainers" tab.
2. To add a new Current Coach click on the "Add new" link next to "Request a coach." If you wish to add a “Shared Coach” to your account click "Add new" next to Others I’m shared with.
Please see these links for more information and instructions:


When I log in why do I only see a blue screen or only portions of my account are visible?

Problems like this are usually Flash problems. It seems to crop up every time Adobe pushes an update to Flash Player. Our troubleshooting page outlines how to update your flash player and check the settings to ensure compatibility. That page can be found here:
The steps outlined in issues #3 and #4 should help you.


Why did Device Agent just stop downloading data from my device?

Periodically you will need to update your version of Device Agent and possibly the firmware on your device. Firmware is the software that controls your device.
1. To download the most recent version of Device Agent use this link:

2. Check for and perform firmware updates on your device. Firmware (the software within the device) updates are done through the manufacturer software. We have support pages for every device we are compatible with and often list direct links to their firmware update pages: